Would you like to test the water activity measurement without using large amounts of funds? Or do you not need a meticulously accurate and reproducible measurement for your product? The LabStart-aw is exactly the right instrument in this situation. Or even if the demands on accuracy and reproducibility are rather low.

Although the device is designed as a "starter", proven Novasina technology can be found inside, especially the resistive-electrolytic sensor.

  • Reusable SAL-T calibration standards
  • Simple starter measuring device
  • Sturdy base plate, no tipping over
  • User-friendly design

Universal Power Supply / Adapter


For operating the LabStart / LabSwift / LabTouch.
Attention: Please use only the main adapter supplied by Novasina.

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ePW Dispenser


5 dispensers with 20 pcs. each Disposable sample measuring cups and a holder for the dispensers.

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SAL-T Salt Standards

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SAL-T/C Salt Standards

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CM-4 Measuring Cell

Only for LabStart-aw!

Exchangeable intelligent and factory calibrated measuring cell system based on the Novasina “Novalyte” technology. The active heating prevents condensation on the humidity measuring element.

Caution: Never touch the front area of the measuring cell with your hands or any other object!

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Chemical Protection Filters

To protect measuring cells from volatiles

Various filters to protect the sensor against e.g. aggressive vapours, alcohols, mechanical wear etc.

-> For detailed information regarding the most suitable filter for your application, please consult the Novasina filter data sheet.

Filter Selection Data Sheet

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Spare Parts for Measuring Head

1. Sealing ring
2. Pre-filters white, 5 pcs.
3. Clamping ring for clamping chemical protective filter

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