Our thermo-hygrostat with integrated switching contact (relay) is suitable for monitoring and control tasks in the HVAC industry.

With freely configurable switching contact directly on the transmitter with LCD display.

StatMaxx is available in three versions:
-S as room version as shown
-R as channel version (sensor on the rear)
-M with remote sensor (3 meter cable)

  • Large, clear display
  • Easy to configure and calibrate
  • Integrated switching contact with configurable switching threshold function
  • User-friendly menu structure with password protection

Wall Mounting Kit 13 mm


Set for mounting nSens sensors on walls or channels, incl. screws.

The duct flange seals up to a pressure of 3 bar!

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Duct Mounting Kit


Set for mounting nSens sensors on walls or channels, incl. screws.

The duct flange seals up to a pressure of 3 bar!

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Adapter SAL-SC


260 1143 – Adapter SAL-SC/nSens2
60 1271 – Adapter variable 9-17mm

– for all sensor types up to 17mm

Plastic adapter for humidity standards as reduction piece and radial seal on the circumference of the respective sensor.


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Thermal Insulation Box for SAL-SC


Styrobox for temperature stabilization of a SAL-SC check during adjustment. Box consisting of 2 half shells,

which are mounted around the SAL-SC cylinder.

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External Power Supply Unit EU/US/JP Plug


Power supply unit for external power supply with USB plug Connection for HygroGuard 30, ClimaLog 30 and DataLog 30 data loggers. In the event of a power failure, the data logger battery takes over the power supply.

USB cable 1.8m included in the scope of delivery of the logger

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Factory Adjustment


Including Novasina works certificate Factory Certification and Adjustment to 3 humidity points (11%, 53%, 75% RH) and 1 temperature point (+25°C) incl. factory certificate.Enables increased measurement accuracy

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Log-PU-01 STAT-PU Power Unit


Power supply and circuit breaker for StatMaxx measuring instrument. This can be used to switch higher powers (up to 11kW/3 phases).

Typical applications : electric heating, cooling, humidification/dehumidification.

  • Integrated 3-phase relay for 115…600V, up to 11 kW, and galvanic isolation.
  • Integrated 24VDC power supply for StatMaxx and circuit breakers.
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LOG-PU power unit


Power supply for DataLog 30 and StatMaxx

Typical application:
Monitoring warehouses, archives museums, production

  • Galv. separate feeding
  • Connection for 1 DataLog + 4 StatMaxx
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