Differential pressure sensor based on static pressure measurement (diaphragm). Configuration and calibration by the transmitter. Ideal for HVAC or clean room applications.

The automatic zero point adjustment allows long-term stable, accurate measurements. No hose length compensation necessary.

Analog output and switching contact (relay), different measuring ranges are available.

  • Drift-free and long-term stable thanks to automatic zero point calibration
  • Large, clear display
  • Easy to configure and calibrate
  • Scalable analog signal: mA or V
  • Integrated switching contact with configurable switching threshold function
  • Simple menu structure with password protection

External Power Supply Unit EU/US/JP Plug


Power supply unit for external power supply with USB plug Connection for HygroGuard 30, ClimaLog 30 and DataLog 30 data loggers. In the event of a power failure, the data logger battery takes over the power supply.

USB cable 1.8m included in delivery of the logger.

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Factory Calibration at 3 Measuring Points


The instrument for monitoring and controlling the differential pressure in HVAC applications. Measuring range from 0 to +500 Pa (unidirectional).

  • Relay alarm/switching output 230V / 2A
  • Large LCD display on instrument
  • Configuration via menu system incl.
  • Alarm/Control
  • scalable analog outputs 0..10V / 4..20mA
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Filter Set


Protective filter for applications with high dirt loads.

The tubing can be attached to the connection nipples by means of the respective hose connector and the hose section with built-in filter.

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