Measured value - Simulator

Simulation plug for the output of fixed values for relative humidity and temperature.
The fixed values are set using the calibration software nSoft-CAL, which is available separately.

For loop checks as well as testing and validation of systems.

  • Calibration and identification data stored directly in the sensor
  • Automatic sensor recognition
  • Versatile connection options

nSens - Cable Extension

260 1136 Cable extension 5m
260 1201 Cable extension 2mCable 3*0.5mm2, very resistant, halogen-free and with
2 quick couplings.
with each:
– 1 plug for nSens-HT / nSens-T sensor
– 1 plug to nSens cable Cable plug


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nLink-Modb-2016 nLink-Modbus (RTU/RS485) Adapter

Communication adapter for all nSens sensors on Modbus
RTU, RS485.
Power supply 5-12VDC.
Attention: each nSens sensor is connected to a 1 nLink-Modbus
is required for connection.

Technical data:

Dimension: 20*60mm
Power supply: 5-12V DC
Outputs: Modbus RTU

Modbus allows the reading of all climate and diagnostic data of the connected nSens sensors.

Technical description / Modbus register on

Configuration of the adapter via Modbus or nCom485 set (260 1125).

Spec Sheet


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nSens Cable for Modbus


To connect the nLink-Modbus adapter to the Modbus network

  • Adapter side with M12 screw connector
  • Network side with 4 open cable ends


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nSens Extension for Duct Mounting

Compatible with all nSens sensors and nSens cables. 

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nLink-UMB Adapter to nSens (HT/T)


Conversion adapter from nSens sensor to bus input of the ClimMate.

Attention : for each nSens sensor 1 nLink-UMB is required for connection.

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Wall and Duct Mounting Kit

Set for mounting nSens sensors on walls or channels, incl. screws.

The duct flange seals up to a pressure of
3 bar off!

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Wall Mounting Kit


For wall distance up to center 20mm for different sensor types.

Wall mounting material is supplied.

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nSoft-CAL Calibration Set


Windows based software for calibration and adjustment of nSens probes on the PC. Runs on Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 and 8.

Set includes

  • 1 nlink USB cable (1.8m) for all nSens sensors – Software adjustment of nSens sensors

Software Download

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Humidity Generators SAL-SC (with factory certificate)

Ready to use and reusable as often as required when stored correctly.

Shelf life 5 years (with correct storage)

Moisture standards based on saturated salt solutions in plastic cylinders, with moisture-permeable membrane.

Consult the instruction manual of the instrument to see which points can be adjusted. The other SAL-SC can be used for calibration.

MSDS (zip)



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Humidity Generators SAL-SC (with accreditation)

Humidity standards based on saturated salt solutions in plastic cylinders, with moisture-permeable membrane.

Including internationally traceable UKAS certificate.

MSDS (zip)



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Humidity Generators in the Case Set

111 7847-Case set with SAL-SC

111 7841-Case without contents

Humidity standards SAL-SC delivered as a set in a case incl. adapter for Novasina sensor systems
The case set contains:
– SAL-SC 11
– SAL-SC 33
– SAL-SC 53
– SAL-SC 75
– SAL-SC 90
– QA Certificate for SAL-SC
– 2 adapters for Novasina sensor systems


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Adapter SAL-SC

260 1143 – Adapter SAL-SC/nSens2
60 1271 – Adapter variable 9-17mm

– for all sensor types up to 17mm

Plastic adapter for humidity standards as reduction piece and radial seal on the circumference of the respective sensor.

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Thermal Insulation Box for SAL-SC


Styrobox for temperature stabilization of a SAL-SC check during adjustment. Box consisting of 2 half shells,

which are mounted around the SAL-SC cylinder.

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SCS Certification 3 Points

SCS or Dakk’s calibration certificate. Verification by an accredited testing laboratory, incl. certificate.
Calibration at 3 humidity points (RH) and 1 temperature point with indication of measurement uncertainty (fixed measurement points)
Individual points can be requested.
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Factory Calibration with ISO 9001 Certificate

Factory certificates for nSens-HT-CSS must be provided if required.

nSens-HT-ENS contain the factory certificate at 5 points (111 2874) in the scope of delivery.

Sensors can be recalibrated and adjusted at any time.

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