nSens-Mobile & Smart-Handle

With our brand new Smart-Handle you can use any Android-Phone to measure humidity, temperature, dew point, absolute humidity, mixing ratio and more in real time.

Just download our free App nSens-Mobile from the Play Store, connect the Smart Handle by USB to your smartphone and you are good to go!

  • Realtime reading of a wide range of parameters:
    • Humidity
    • Temperature
    • Water activity
    • Dew point
    • Absolute Humidity
    • Mixing ratio
    • Water vap. partial gases
    • Specific enthalpy
  • Create Snapshots of your measurement and even add parameters after it was taken.
  • Log your measurements with timer or unlimited on your smartphone and export them with the Android share function.
  • Display your Logged data in Charts and Trend lines.
  • The Smart Handle can also be connected to a computer and used with our software nSoft-Cal Pro. (Multi Sensor calibration and data logger)

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