We offer 5 different water activity measuring devices, because every application has different measurement requirements.


The following accessories are available:

Special protection filters to protect the measuring cells

Special filters which protect the measuring cell of the LabMaster-aw neo from volatiles.

SAL-T salt standards

Moisture standards based on saturated salt solutions in plastic tablets, with a moisture-permeable membrane. Each salt is delivered in a well closing can


Humidity Generators SAL-SC with factory certificate

SAL-T/C salt standards UKAS

with European recognised certificate

SAL-SC with UKAS certificate

Humidity Generators SAL-SC with UKAS certificate


Brand new regeneration kit for LabStart-aw, LabSwift-aw, LabTouch-aw and LabMaster-aw neo measuring cells.

Service Tool

Tool for easy filter replacement and removal of the sample insert for sorption isotherms.

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