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SAL-SC Humidity Standards

Humidity standards are used for verification and calibration of probes and transmitters. The SAL-SC humidity standards are based on over-saturated salt solution according to Greenspan (Greenspan report, 1977). Thereby a defined air humidity is created inside the standards which can be used for verification or calibration of air humidity sensors. The optimised design allows to re-use the standards for a period of 3-5 years. The SAL-SC container is put on the probe and after a short time a humidity equilibrium is established. Field experiences have shown that thanks to these re-usable standards the maintenance costs could be reduced considerably.

  • Re-usable and therefore low maintenance costs
  • Handling optimised design to avoid any contact with liquid or salt
  • Available for various humidity levels
  • Easy to judge the SAL-SC standard status by visual check

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CIC-Touch Display

This multi display for climatic parameters such as air humidity, temperature, differential pressure and particles allows to see at a glance the actual climate in a room. The signals are provided by external climatic sensors. Besides the actual value, which is shown with the respective unit and measurement location, also the backlight colour changes according to the actual status. The green colour is for values within the threshold and the red if the threshold is exceeded. The CIC-Touch display can be easily mounted in clean room walls without the need of any screws.


  • Absolutely clean room suitable, no edges and washable
  • Easy to operate and parametrise by colour touch-screen
  • Excellent connectivity, various interfaces already built-in
  • Universal solution and appropriate for retrofit

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