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Novasina's History

1958: NOVASINA was founded in Zurich and their resistive electrolytic sensor received a patent
1966: Internationally first measuring instrument for water activity was launched for food and pharmaceutical products
1978: Name change to Nova-Sina and change of ownership
1987:   The company Defensor was merged with the Novasina AG
1989: Integration of the firm as an independent Profit Center into Axair AG (later Walter Meier)
2001: Launch of the industrial transmitter system HygroDat 100 for relative humidity & temperature measurement
2003: Development of the Novalyte humidity measurement cell with resistive electrolytic measurement technology
2007: Management Buy-Out of the Novasina and, thus, founding of an independent public limited company
2014: Launch of the worldwide first multi-sensor transmitter system QuantaDat/nSens series
2017: Launch of the new LabMaster-aw neo measuring instrument