Water Activity: Entry Level Course

This is an entry level course provided by Novasina to help everyone advance there knowlege of water activity.

Course Description:

Choosing the ideal water activity specification is the most important decision to be made for shelf stable products. The correct water activity will ensure safety, determine quality, and maximize shelf life. In addition, processing to an established water activity specification prevents over processing, which can result in lost product weight while incurring higher energy costs. While water activity is a common term within the food industry, it is often not fully understood nor are the breadth of applications for water activity. This webinar will define water activity, describe measurement methods and provide insights into effectively utilizing water activity as the most important release specification.

Key Learnings:

  1. What is water activity?
  2. How is water activity measured?
  3. What is water activity used for?

Lesson 1: What is Water Activity
Lesson 2: How is Water Activity Measured
Lesson 3: What is Water Activity used for
Final Exam
10 questions

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Lectures: 3
Level: Beginner