ClimMate Set aw

In order to be able to measure a sample reproducibly, sometimes larger sample quantities are necessary. With the large sample chamber, larger sample quantities or pieces can also be measured.

The chamber has no temperature control and the measuring instrument no humidity equilibrium monitoring. This instrument is very suitable as the first AW measured value indication and can also be used as a portable version thanks to the battery power supply.

  • Sample container for larger sample quantities
  • Portable
  • Reusable SAL-SC calibration standards


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SAL-SC with UKAS Certificate

SAL-SC with UKAS Certificate

Humidity standards based on saturated salt solutions in synthetic cylinders, with moisture-permeable membrane. Each salt is UKAS certified.

Consult the instruction manual of the instrument to see which points can be adjusted. The other SAL-SC can be used for calibration.

MSDS (zip)



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nSoft-CAL Set

Windows based software for calibration and adjustment of nSens probes on the PC. Runs on Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 & 8. incl. Link-USB connection cable, 1.8m length.

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USB Power Supply to ClimMate

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Adapter SAL-SC / nSens


– for nSens-xx probes with Ø 13mm

Plastic adapter for humidity standards as reduction piece and radial seal on the circumference of the respective sensor.

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nCap-PS Protective Filter Cap

Silver oxide coated dust filter element
For optimum mechanical protection of the sensor and protection against dust contamination.
Additional chemical basic protection of the sensor.

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Digital nSens-HT humidity & temperature sensor with resistive-electrolytic humidity and NTC temperature sensor. With nCap-PS protective filter cap.

The adjustment points are stored directly in the sensor. Calibration and adjustment is carried out with the separately available calibration software nSoft-CAL. The sensor is pluggable and can be exchanged very quickly and easily.

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Samples Beakers

Dimensions:   Ø80mm x High 95mm
Volume:             ca. 400 cm3
Material:               Polypropylene
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