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We call our humidity, temperature and pressure measuring instruments Climate. But not only the devices with our unique sensor are important to us. It is important to us that your clean room, your cheese cellar or your greenhouse is properly guarded and that you are alerted to any undesirable changes in the climate. That's why we have the perfect monitoring systems for the right devices, which will help you actively. Our offers and solutions in the field of climate are very diverse and individual. We always try to find the right solution for every customer. In order to find the right solution for your needs, we need as much information as possible. Our competent team does not shy away from any way to advise you on site in order to reach your goal together.

Modular systems for optimum solutions Whether relative humidity, temperature or other climate data, thanks to our modular systems we can put together individual and flexible solutions for you, which can be expanded at any time. Equipped with different sensor types and tailor-made signal transmission for continuous control systems in any combination, we are the right partner for your success.
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Monitoring – Mapping – Alerting – Welcome to the world of NovaZONE. Never before has it been easier to collect measurement data wirelessly, thanks to the smart OvaPort tool. Measure humidity and temperature with our sensors, with unique sensor, and various connection options and evaluate the data at any time. OvaPort secures the data transfer, supports you with a clear Alam management with trend display and reporting worldwide. Feel secure and accompanied by our individual solutions.
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Unique measurement technology with additional benefits with our nSens-HT we have developed an innovative, digital combination sensor, which is very powerful due to its unique interior. The smart all-rounder can be flexibly combined and communicates perfectly with various devices. Our nSens products are characterized above all by their longevity, their fast response, the drift-free measurement of high humidity and their high accuracy and reproducibility. Whether with the QuantaDat, the nLink analg or our ClimMate set – our all-rounder feels at home in any environment.
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Fields of application

The differential pressure or overpressure inside the so-called Mini Environments during wafer production prevents contamination. Even the smallest impurities on the sensitive wafer surface can render a finished memory chip unusable. As a result, very deep overpressures are generated in the mini environments used. This can only be achieved with measuring instruments with the appropriate resolution and stability.


The relative humidity in the spinning process is the most important climate parameter for stable production. Even slight deviations can result in yarn breakage. In view of the complex and fully automatic spinning and weaving machines, this can have far-reaching consequences in a short period of time, including lengthy and therefore cost-intensive restarting of the process.


Relative humidity also plays an important role in painting processes. In order to achieve an ideal mixing ratio of the colour components and optimum colour distribution and adhesion during painting, the room climate must be precisely controlled. The climatic environmental conditions in painting lines demand a lot from the sensors. This is why special sensors or protective filters are required for stable operation


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