Partnership with Dr. Brady Carter.

Novasina, in its effort to remain the world leader in water activity, is excited to announce a partnership with Dr. Brady Carter. As many of you may know, Dr. Carter is one of the world’s foremost authorities on water activity and moisture sorption with 20 years of experience as a research scientist. He has authored numerous publications, presented hundreds of webinars, and provide training seminars across the world on all aspects of water activity measurement and application. The combination of Dr. Carter’s knowledge and expertise with Novasina’s world class instrumentation and customer service creates the world’s premier source of all things water activity.


Dr. Carter’s efforts in working with Novasina will be focused on providing scientific support to Novasina Marketing and Sales as well as to their extensive distributor network. In addition, Dr. Carter will be available to Distributors to provide training and customer seminars. Distributors interested in utilizing Dr. Carter’s skills should contact Novasina to discuss options and timing.