Customer feedbacks have shown that there is a need of an ISO 18787:2017 compliant measurement mode, separately implemented as a selectable stable mode. Even though our stability system was already compliant with ISO 18787, we did not express it visually.

The ISO 18787 standard itself has two stability requirements for water activity and one for temperature:

  • Determination of the final measurement point by reaching a plateau defined with a maximum amplitude of 0,0003aw, either by three consecutive measurements, or by stability over 1 min
  • Temperature must be 25°C +/- 1°C

From the two stability requirements, one of them has to be fulfilled.

After certain trials, we found out, that the three consecutive measurement mode, which is implemented in competitor's instruments but the stability over 1 minute mode as well lead to wrong values due to fake stability plateaus. By further trials, we extracted the fact that implementing both criteria fulfils our aim which is about to provide a reliable and trustworthy result.

In fact, the new ISO18787 is superior to all other ISO18787 you can find on a water activity meter and fulfils all ISO18787:2017 requirements.

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