Precision measurement instruments for air humidity, pressure and water activity

Novasina is a Swiss company with global presence and manufacturer of premium measuring instruments for climatic parameters in industrial processes and water activity in solids and liquids.


Novasina combines unique sensor technology and know-how in development and production of measurement instruments. Consequently, our customers are able to improve their quality management and are in better control of the relative air humidity, temperature and differential pressure in their regulated climates. Our instruments help you to reach your goals!

Water Activity: What is it about?

Is my food production at risk of mold or listeria growth? Will my soft gelatin capsules dry out and deteriorate while in storage? Can I extend the shelf life of my products with confidence?

Many question pop-up around the stability of food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and pet food. More often than not it is the available water (water activity) that is influential.


Process CLimate: What is it about?

How stable is the climate in my clean-room? How does stability of the process climate influence the quality of my products? These are important questions right across the board. Regulated climatic parameters such as air relative humidity, temperature and differential pressure promote successful quality in production. Increased product quality, output and security of the work place are all benefits of good climatic control.

Find out how your company can benefit from precise and reproducible process climate measurements!


LABOREXPO 2017, Czech Republic

Date: 20.09-21.09.2017 Our distributor, company koneko marketing, spol. s.r.o. welcomes you to the LABOREXPO exhibition 2017 in Prague.

LabDays 2017, Denmark

Date: 20.09-21.09.2017 Our distributor, company Food Diagnostics welcomes you to the LabDays 2017 in Arhus, Denmark.

Expo iAlimentos 2017, Colombia

Date: 04.09.-05.09.2017 Our distributor, company Tecsoin S.A.S welcomes you to the Expo iAlimentos 2017 in Bogota, Colombia.

JASIS 2017, Japan

Date: 06.09.-08.09.2017 Our distributor, company DKSH Japan K.K. welcomes you to the JASIS 2017 exhibition in Tokyo at the booth 7B 704.

Thailand LAB International 2017, Bangkok

Date: 06.09.-08.09.2017 Our distributor, company Scientific Promotion Co., LTD welcomes you to the Thailand LAB International exhibition 2017 at the booth J1 in the hall EH101-102 in Bangkok.

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