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Water Activity in Bakery Products

For some people, it goes without saying that water activity should be measured in bakery products, where as for others it is something they have never heard of yet. The measurement of water activity could basically offer a foundation for resolving many complex problems such as:

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Air Conditioning Challenge in Cheese Ripening Cellars

Philippe Trösch, Novasina Sales Engineer, responsible for providing expert advice on air-conditioning and its control in cheese maturing cellars. Interview by Marco Cau, Sales and Marketing Manager, with Philippe Trösch, Novasina Sales Engineer, about major challenges to be addressed in cheese maturing cellars.

Cau: What is challenging about measuring humidity in cheese maturing cellars?

Trösch: Since it is measured in upper humidity ranges, the currently prevalent sensor technology does not return actual humidity values or does it too slowly, with humidity fluctuations being detected too late or left undetected at all. In addition, correct and fast-responding humidity measurement is complicated by the presence of ammonia and other components in the air. It is true that nowadays too little attention is still being paid to this problem as many operators are not aware of it, but a rethinking has just started, and maturing cellars are being upgraded accordingly, little by little.